Cambodian Prime Minister Presents Medal to CNVLD Secretary General

CNVLD Secretary General Chris Minko was honoured with a Gold Medal presented by Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen for Services to Persons with a Disability
Mr Minko receives his medal from the Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen

The medal was presented at a ceremony to celebrate United Nations International Disability Day on December 3rd 2009.

Australian-born Christopher Minko was being recognised for his ongoing and outstanding provision of sporting, rehabilitation and socio-economic opportunity to the Persons with a Disability of Cambodia since his involvement began 1996.

Mr. Minko accepted the medal as a personal honour but was quick to acknowledge others including the nation’s athletes with a disability, the CNVLD management team and the hundreds of people who have contributed time, effort and funds to building the organisation.

Mr Minko said, “It is the combined dedication of athletes and individuals such as National Coach Christian Zepp over many years which has allowed the CNVLD to develop into the most successful and respected sports organisation in Cambodia and as such this medal represents an award for the whole CNVLD family.”

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