Next Step 2011 kicking off in Port of Spain

The pre-conference workshops at Next Step 2011 have started in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Ahead of the Next Step 2011 Conference themed "Global Partnerships for Development", members of the Sport & Development fraternity come together to deliver specialised workshops. 
dsc_0102_small.jpg Workshop participants from the Pacific and the Caribbean take part in a KAO Network workshop as a part of the Next Step 2011 conference

The workshops are being delivered ahead of the highly-anticipated Next Step 2011 conference, taking place from 9-12 November 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago.

Pre-conference workshops are being facilitated by various members of the Sport & Development community, including:
sportanddev's Usha Selvaraju was given access to the workshops to provide a small insight into some of the discussions and activities being held.

KAO launch new phrases
The Kicking AIDS Out facilitators from Africa, the Caribbean as well as Observers from the Pacific and other regions took youth leaders through various sessions reflecting the state-of-the-art approaches being developed for the KAO network. The phrase 'fullticipation', referring to the 'full participation' of all involved in KAO, was used periodically during the workshop to get everyone involved.

Equally, the phrase 'facipulate' or manipulating participants through facilitation was used to get workshop participants to think critically about their role as facilitators and the pitfalls that should be avoided. Expertise, methodologies and experiences were shared in the diverse group of people, making the sessions rich, highly interactive and engaging.

ICES make the most of being in the Caribbean
Tapping into the opportunity of having significant representation of sport and sport-for-development organisations from the Caribbean, the ICES workshop focused mainly on in-depth round table discussions on four key areas including:
  • women in sport
  • empowering young people through sport
  • inclusive sport
  • coaching education and development

The discussions allowed for regional knowledge of experiences and issues related to the various topics to be shared and exchanged. The discussions allowed for representatives from within the Caribbean to identify cultural differences in attitudes and perceptions related to some of the issues. For example, a representatives from Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Jamaica discussed the differences in access for women with disabilities to sports in comparison with men.

Main Next Step 2011 conference
The main Next Step 2011 conference starts on 9 November 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago. After the two-day pre-conference schedule, participants are ready to unpack some of the most pressing issues facing the Sport & Development sector at the grassroots level.

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