Basketball Promotion in Togo



Promote the sport of basketball among the youth in Togo.


04.03.2013 - 03.10.2013


Togo, Lomé


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Background Information

For the launch of the Leading Youth Sport Development (LYSD) Association, we are organising this event in partnership with the company UK & Partners and the Aquereburu & Partners Foundation. The event will promote basketball in Togo. From 4-8 March 2013, we will travel across the country to perform various basketball workshops in order to provide material and valuable advice to young athletes from local schools.

On 9 March, after these promotion days, the tournament "Basket Playground" will be held for the third time. Lomé's 16 best schools will compete. UK & Partners, an event planner specialist, set up this basketball tournament that has been fascinating young Togolese people for the last 2 years. Basket Playground is open to those under the age of 19 from Lomé's junior high schools. The tournament’s distinctive feature is that it combines basketball with life skills, centering on important topics for youth and society (HIV - STDs, drug addiction). This year, the topic of “sustainable development” has been chosen.

On the last day, we will visit various playgrounds of Lomé, capital of Togo, to meet people and conduct basketball fans' interviews.

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