EU Sports Conference



Ireland is hosting a conference on sport as part of its presidency of the EU.




Ireland, Dublin Castle


Background Information

As part of Ireland’s presidency of the EU, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is hosting a conference on sport. The Irish Sports Council is supporting the department in the organisation of the conference which will take place in Dublin Castle on 7 March 2013.

The EU Work Plan for Sport has identified the sustainable financing of sport at grassroots level as a priority theme for EU level cooperation in sport. The purpose of the conference is to explore the current funding mechanism for sport and look to the future to see how sport can be developed within an economic and financial model that is sustainable and practical.

An additional aim of the conference is to inform the Irish sports sector of the role of the EU in developing sport in the future. As well as representatives of the Irish government, the EU Commission and the Irish sports sector the speakers will include Stefan Szymanski PhD professor of sports management, University of Michigan, Derek McGrath, CEO, European Rugby Cup, Nick Pink, International Cricket Council, and Keith Wood from W2 Consulting.
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