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Registered users of sportanddev are called ‘Team Players’. Access the Map for a global view of the Team Players who’ve signed up.

What is a Team Player?

A ‘Team Player’ is a registered user of sportanddev. If you register on sportanddev you are considered to be involved or interested in the use of sport as a tool for developing people and communities.

Becoming a Team Player is absolutely free and is open to all

What are the benefits of becoming a Team Player?

You might find registering as a Team Player beneficial if you:
  • need to find someone with specific S&D knowledge or expertise
  • want to network and keep in touch with S&D people around the world
  • need to find people running similar activities so you can exchange experiences
  • want to upload and share your research, reports, assessments and evaluations, making these available to the wider S&D community
Once you’ve signed up as a Team Player, you can complete your personal profile.
You’ll also be able to then create an Organisation profile for your organisation.

Can anyone become a Team Player?

Yes! If you’re involved in Sport & Development or have an interest in this field, please sign up!

Can I make contact with individual Team Players?

Yes! Team Players can contact each other - all that means is you need to have a registered account to contact another Team Player through our messaging system.

What are the criteria for becoming a Team Player?

You need to complete the registration form in order to become a Team Player.

You can complete as much information in the form as you like, bearing in mind the more information you provide, the easier it will be for people to find you and learn more about your activities.

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