Sport, Gender and Media Conference



With the Olympics in the UK, and a likely glut of related journalism, 2012 is an opportune time to investigate the framing of media relationships between sport and gender. This is a growing academic field which addresses important questions about equality, public health, representation, participation, citizenship and ‘fair play.’


10.03.2012 - 03.10.2012


York University, UK


Background Information

We invite all postgraduate and early career researchers interested in gendered aspects of sport to a one-day interdisciplinary conference.

The conference will be interdisciplinary, and welcomes contributions from many fields in order to foster understanding of, and promote relationships between a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. We also intend to celebrate the achievements of women in sport, and this conference will be part of the marking International Women’s Day.

The aims of this event are to:
• Demonstrate and enrich the depth of study in this field.
• Bring together academics, activists and others working on sport, gender and media.
1 Mel.Paramasivan Member March 8, 2012 - 09:41
Dear Folkytron,

Please contact to find out whether this information will be available after the conference.

Kind Regards,

The sportanddev Team
2 folkytron Member March 8, 2012 - 00:34
there will be any chance to get some information about what will be said in the conference for those who unfortunately cannot attend? I am really interested!
3 TUNDE OREBIYI Guest February 24, 2012 - 08:21
As a sports journalist in media industry, this seminar/conference will offer cross fertilisation of ideas capable of advancing sports development as well as impact on the peoples of the world.
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