UK Sport leaves Olympic legacy in Jordan

The UK Sport partnership with The British Council Jordan through the London 2012 legacy programme, International Inspiration, has generated a new five-year legacy-building programme between British Swimming and Jordan Swimming Association.
Representatives including Kelly Gaffney from British Swimming, Ibrahim Naddeh from Jordan Swimming Federation and programme coaches.

This new partnership aims to develop Jordan as the hub for the 'Learn To Swim' programme swimming in the Arabic Peninsula.

Building on the success of International Inspiration
This new programme builds on the impact and success of the three-year International Inspiration programme and has created an opportunity for Jordan to build their own legacy from the London Games. The self-sustainable, quality -assured Learn to Swim programme will give over 250,000 children in Jordan and neighbouring countries the opportunity to participate. Selected coaches involved will also have the opportunity to gain formalised aquatic teaching and coaching qualifications alongside practical and vocational experience.

Making swimming accessible to young people
Swimming and aquatic sport is inaccessible to most people in Jordan, with few public swimming pools (usually outdoors preventing wintertime participation) and many indoor pools belonging to private health clubs and universities. The Learn to Swim programme will open up dialogue and partnerships between public and private enterprises to provide young people with access to swimming pools for coaching and teaching sessions. The programme strategically targets female coaches; approximately 100 women will be trained as Swimming Teachers in the Arabic Peninsula over a 5 year plan, giving women a chance to shape the programme design during the first applications of the planned three-phase implementation.

Social benefits of swimming
Swimming in Jordan will offer young people the opportunity for social development in an environment, which stimulates communication, teamwork and friendships. Apart from encouraging healthy lifestyles, it will allow this generation of young people to be the first to grow up with swimming as part of their everyday lives.

Elias Musangeya, Senior International Inspiration Advisor believes, “This partnership has done exactly what we wanted the International Inspiration to achieve: it has provided Jordan with the opportunity to build a lasting and sustainable sporting structure for generations.”

Ibrahim Naddeh, Secretary Genearl of Jordan Swimming Federation says, “It is the vision of Jordan Swimming Federation to promote and recognise swimming as a major sport in Jordan and to open up a range of opportunities for our local swimmers and clubs from learning to competitive swimming so that Jordanians can participate and excel in this sport.”

Kelly Gaffney, National Programmes and Partnership Manager for British Swimming’s Workforce Development department, says, “There is a wealth of exciting opportunities in the Arab Peninsula for young people to gain the competition, experiences, lifelong participation, health, skills and employment opportunities through swimming and aquatic sport.”

Randa Snobar, from the British Council, who helped facilitate these partnerships believes, "The partnerships which have been formed between Jordanian federations and UK bodies, are a testament to the power and impact sport can have in creating long-lasting legacies which will benefit thousands of children around the world."

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