Capoeira – The Sport and Art Form Bringing Joy to Refugee Camps

Bidna Capoeira is an innovative new NGO that uses the Afro-Brazilian sport and art-form Capoeira to improve the wellbeing of marginalised and vulnerable children, mostly in refugee camps in the Middle-East.
bidna_capoeira.jpg Photos from the capoeira programme at Al-Tanf Refugee Camp.

Capoeira blends ritualised fighting, dance, acrobatics, music and rhythm, making it a safe, healthy and fun way for young people to express their emotions.

The project first began in 2009 at the Al-Tanf Refugee Camp in Syria but Bidna Capoeira aim to take their programme all over the world.

UNICEF studied the Capoeira project in Al-Tanf and compiled this report on the significant “psycho-social” benefits.

Bidna Capoeira have recently joined the Platform, creating an organisation page and also a Team Player account .

Check out this video of the Bidna Capoeira Project and take this opportunity to learn more about this fascinating art form.

1 Ken McCallum Guest May 12, 2010 - 19:44
So inspiring. Great to see how the cultures mix so easily, and the energy capoeira seems to have bought to the camp. Keep up the good work. Ps. Great website too :)
2 jd walsh Guest May 12, 2010 - 14:41
this is really cool!!
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