International Inspiration programme now reaches 20 countries

Debbie Lye, the International Development Director at UK Sport and International Inspiration Programme Director, reflects on the latest achievement of London 2012’s international sports legacy programme
Participants in Egypt celebrate the arrival of the International Inspiration programme.

"It is a proud achievement to have pulled off the '2012' double well before the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony" says Debbie, who recently led a delegation of International Inspiration partners on a planning visit to Cairo two weeks ago. 

The three 'Ps' of International Inspiration: Participants, Practitioners and Policy makers
In Egypt, delegates participated in the Take Part conference, organised by the British Council that centered the three days around the 'three Ps.' On day one, the programme focused on Participants -  young people in schools, universities, youth groups and some of Egypt's young sporting champions, including Sara Hemly! On day two young people joined a group of Practitioners, teachers, sports coaches, National Youth Council and NGO employees to express their views of the previous day. These recommendations formed the platform for Policy Makers on Day three.

Jordan show support after International Inspiration success
During the conference, the Minister for Education and the Chairs of the National Sports Council and the Egypt Paralympic Committee all spoke to the delegates, and commendation for the International Inspiration programme came from a senior figure from the Ministry of Education in Jordan. In Arabic, he told the Egyptian audience that the Young Sports Leadership element of International Inspiration has been integrated into the King Abdullah II Award and has been delivered in over 500 schools.

Ensuring the sustainability of International Inspiration
Whilst meeting stakeholders from Jordan, including members of the Sports Council, the International Inspiration delegation received requests to help develop the Young Sports Leadership initiative and make it sustainable. This support for the programme, which has now enriched the lives of 12 million children worldwide, to continue, will now become a core element of the International Inspiration Egypt plan.

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