Using sport and development to develop graduates for the 21st Century

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  • Dr. Lynne Powell
  • Publisher

  • Report to UK Sport on Short-Term Overseas Projects and Cultural Intelligence: Developing Graduates for the 21st Century. By The report by Dr. Lynne Powell, Human Resource Management Specialist and Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, UK.
  • Year

  • 2012


A new report commissioned by UK Sport to analyse the benefits to university students participating in the IDEALS (International Development through Excellence and Leadership in Sport) programme, reveals that overseas volunteer experiences develop students’ cultural intelligence, a skill highly desired by employers in the 21st century.

Given the opportunity to develop skills in cultural contexts dissimilar to their own, students benefit not only from the opportunity to enhance knowledge gained through university study, but also interact and communicate in cross cultural situations, thus developing cultural intelligence. Dr Lynne Powell, Human Resource Management Specialist, believes this gives university students the opportunity to graduate as employees with knowledge and experience of a topic, rather than those who have just studied it.

Collecting information from UK University students who spent 6-8 week placements working with grassroots sport and development organisations, national sports councils and universities in Sub-Saharan African communities, the report found students developed skills such as team work, communication, active listening and problem solving.

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