Member since 18 Mar 2010, signed in last on 20 Nov 2014

Short bio

Ben works for the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic communication measures, marketing and media-related activities, dissemination of expertise and facilitation of information between ICSSPE’s members and partners through conferences, meetings, seminars and regular publications. Moreover he deals with the identification of research fields as well as the implementation of scientific activities and policy development initiatives. Previously he worked as Researcher at the German Sport University focusing on sport politics and policies, sport history and sport for development themes. In his PhD project he explored political science approaches and concepts in relation to assessing international sport governing bodies, based on an extensive case-study of the Asian Football Confederation.

My involvement in Sport & Development

ICSSPE is the world’s largest multi-disciplinary network of national and international institutions and organizations (e.g. DOSB, FIFA and others) that are concerned with sport, sport science and physical education, and reach out to millions of people across the globe. The Council belongs amongst others to the associated bodies of UNESCO and cooperates with the sport movement. Its primary activities include the coordination of research projects, policy advice, expert exchange and collaboration.

Main area(s) of interest

  • Child Development/Education
  • Disability
  • Disaster Response
  • Economic Development
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Peace-Building

Interests (keywords)

ICSSPE is committed to enhancing awareness of human values inherent in movement and sport, aiming to contribute to a strong sporting sector, high quality physical education and improved health worldwide. ICSSPE's core functions are Science, Service and Advocacy. ICSSPE intends to investigate for a better scientific understanding of human movement, educate for a better quality of life and improved health, advocate for the benefits related to an active lifestyle and the ethical values.