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Short bio

Sound background in rugby, cricket, golf and tennis as a player. I am a keen mountain biker today. I have developed a niche training approach that combines the physical and mental aspect of sport. As a result players train less hours with greater outcome on confidence, consistency, accuracy and less muscle phatique. Their performance becomes 100% measurable which allows for powerful decision making setting yourself up for success and the best outcome possible. This approach is endorsed by Prof Tim Noakes and Dr Paul Dijkstra, two of the leading sport medicine and training practicioners in the world. It is being used by players at school, provincial and national level in South Africa and Europe with great success.

My involvement in Sport & Development

I am very much focused on the measurable development of individuals and teams in their specific sport. I have developed and introduced a very unique training approach that allows for: sound confidence, consistency, less injuries, higher intensity. It provides breakthrough assistance in game planning and team selection.

Main area(s) of interest

  • Child Development/Education
  • Health

Interests (keywords)

Character Confidence Consistency Development Clarity in training Fatique Stress Injuries