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Sound background in rugby, cricket, golf and tennis as a player. I am a keen mountain biker today. My business background is in Management Consulting at International level having lived in the UK for 7 years. A great part of my involvement in sport, like in business, is on the character building side in order to create team unity, confidence and consistency. I have worked with professional players and teams in rugby, netbal, golf and tennis. I have since developed a measurable sport performance system for individuals, teams and organisations.

My involvement in Sport & Development

I am very much focused on the measurable development of individuals and teams in their specific sport. I have developed and introduced a very unique training approach that allows for: sound confidence, consistency, less injuries, higher intensity. It provides breakthrough assistance in game planning and team selection.

Main area(s) of interest

  • Child Development/Education
  • Health

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Character Confidence Consistency Development Clarity in training