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Short bio

From California, United States. Worked for ten years in San Diego within sports marketing and philanthropy for professional teams, athletes and sporting events focused on community development, marketing, fundraising and strategic partnerships. Expertise in sales, community relations, and strategic planning. Provides a thoughtful and creative approach to relationship development with corporate and community partners, resulting in revenue generation and enhanced brand awareness. Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate a team while managing simultaneous projects with resourcefulness and efficiency. Master's thesis: An Analysis of the Charitable Foundations of Major League Teams in the United States featured on the Sports Philanthropy Project website:

My involvement in Sport & Development

Currently working in development for the Craig Bellamy Foundation in Sierra Leone, Africa. Focused on fundraising and partnerships helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization. The charity was created in 2008 to offer underprivileged children in Sierra Leone the chance to reach their true potential through sport and education. The Foundation runs a non-profit professional football academy and also the country's only a national youth football league for girls and boys.

Main area(s) of interest

  • Child Development/Education
  • Gender
  • Peace-Building

Interests (keywords)

Global partnerships, strategic collaboration. sport for development and social change, athlete, team, club and league foundations, charity, cause marketing, sport philanthropy, teaching, health, disability empowerment, youth development, gender equality, peace-building, writing, communications, leadership, fundraising, management