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Short bio

I am a lawyer by training from the remote and conflict-plagued Marsabit region of northern Kenya, where i seeks to promote peace in Northern region and especially between the Borana, Rendile and Gabra peoples. A proponent of peaceful conflict resolution, currently mediating a conflict that has taken hundreds of lives in recent years and involves populations in both Kenya and Ethiopia. My organization HODI focuses on the youth (warrior age) and stresses a peaceful, cooperative approach which can benefit both communities. Its my belief that change from within is possible and basically the belief that youths and women can have a say in issues that affect them has led to my initiatives.

My involvement in Sport & Development

My involvement in sports is one unique venture for me personally being a muslim woman coming from a cultured community. But my love for sports has seen me initiate the first ever village soccer teams in the north of kenya. Known for clashes and slaughter fields sports has helped us transform a once fighting tribes to solders of peace. We shoot to score goals and not to kill, while awarding those who score goals with medals and addressing social issues affecting the young people in Northern Part

Main area(s) of interest

  • Child Development/Education
  • Gender
  • Peace-Building

Interests (keywords)

Peace Building, youth, girls and sports. FGM, Early Marriage among others

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