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This section provides gateways to the various themes in Sport & Development. You can also find background information on what Sport & Development is all about and a brief history of Sport & Development's evolution.

What is Sport & Development?

'Sport & Development' refers to the use of sport as a tool for development and peace. Find out why many are interested in how sport can be used to reach personal, community, national and international development objectives...
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History of Sport & Development

Find out more on how the link between 'sport' and 'development' came into being, creating the field of Sport & Development... Read more

Learn about Sport and Gender

From time to time we highlight a different topic to help you discover other areas in Sport & Development.
Find out more about the role sport can play in achieving greater gender parity.

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Practical Examples

How does Sport & Development work in practice, in the field, in disadvantaged communities? Access the Project Case Studies to find out how sport is linked to development

Getting Started

Are you wondering how sport can contribute to development? Click on the link below for a short introduction to the field of 'Sport & Development'
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