Sport & Disability

This section provides a summary of current thinking on the adaptation of physical activity, sport and recreation opportunities to ensure participation of individuals with a disability from development contexts.
Today, the idea of people with a disability being able to participate in sport and physical activity is not so uncommon. In many countries, opportunities exist from the grassroots to elite levels for people with a disability to showcase their abilities in sport and physical activity. But this is not the case in all parts of the world. Whilst there has been progressive and positive change in quality of life for people with disabilities in many developed countries, often this progress is not reflected in developing countries.


Sport and Adapted Physical Activity (APA) has been linked to providing positive outcomes for people with disabilities. Access this section for an introduction to the field of Sport & Disability...
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Sport and Adapted Physical Activity (APA)

Sport can play a key role in the lives of people with and without disabilities. Find out more in this section on the benefits of sport and adapted physical activity (APA)... Read more

Disability and Gender

Learn more about the 'double discrimination' women with disabilities face, the barriers to sport participation and many other issues...
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Policy, Practice and Future Priorities

Learn more in this section on the latest developments in policy and practice as well as access the recommendations that stakeholders in the area of Sport & Disability have determined...
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Technical Considerations

Learn more in this section about the technical aspects that need to be considered in the area of Sport & Disability, including: eligibility to participate, classification of (dis)ability, equipment and technology...
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Actors Involved in Sport & Disability

Discover the activities of sports organisations and humanitarian organisations working to support people with disabilities through sport and adapted physical activity (APA)... Read more

Project Case Studies

How is sport used to help to empower people living with disabilities? Find out more from practical examples of how this works... Read more

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London 2012

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