Sport & Disaster Response

This thematic profile introduces the concepts surrounding sport and disaster response. It includes an overview of the key issues along with links to recommended reading and resources.


Humanitarian efforts are increasingly trying to address the emotional and social needs of those affected by disasters. Read this introduction to find out about the role sport can play in these efforts...
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Sport as a psychosocial intervention

Sport and physical activity can provide a cooperative and supportive environment to build resiliency and social cohesion. Find out more on this and the other positive benefits of sport that can help those who have experienced trauma...
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Key Considerations in Project Planning and Implementation

"No one moved" was the observation of an expert working with children who had just begun participating in a post-disaster sports programme. Find out more on the challenges practitioners face in the field and how they have tried to overcome them...
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International Charters and Recommendations

In the humanitarian sector, recommendations and guidelines provide the basis for training, planning and delivering psychosocial sport programmes in disaster response. Find out more on the international charters and recommendations in this area...
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Tools & Practice

Learn more about the practical requirements of implementing psychosocial sports programmes including: knowledge and training in both sport and psychosocial intervention, as well as a range of other considerations... Read more

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Project Case Studies

How is sport used to help foster resiliency and help overcome trauma caused by disasters? Find out more from practical examples of how this works... Read more

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