Sport and Gender

This topic presents the most salient aspects within the intersection between sport, gender and development.
The topic is divided into various sub-sections: from defining concepts, to charting the historical progress made in sport and gender policy development, to providing a list of points to bear in mind for the practical application of gender-equity-through-sport programmes.

What is ‘Gender’?

A brief explanation of the concept of ‘gender’ in relation to ‘sex’ and the roles of men and women. Read more

The Role of Sport in Addressing Gender Issues

An overview of the benefits of using sport to promoting gender equity and women’s and girls’ empowerment. Read more

Policy Development in Gender and Sport

A historical overview of the major highlights in policy development in gender and sport. Read more

Understanding and Adapting to Local Contexts

Practical considerations in attempting to understand and to appropriately adapt interventions to local contexts. Read more

Promoting Gender Equity through Sport

Practical considerations for promoting gender equity through sport, based on experience from programmes. Read more

Project Case Studies

How can sport help to empower young women and girls? Find out more on how this works in practice... Read more

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