Video: Favela World Cup

A short documentation of a project by Football Beyond Borders, that really brings football to Brazil.

Beyond Borders wants to show a different side to the World Cup. Although their country is hosting the FIFA World Cup, it remains entirely out of reach to most Brazilians. The Favela World Cup, really brings football home giving locals the chance to participate and play.

The project initiated by Football Beyond Borders looked for a way to include both foreign and local football fans in a different grassroot version of the World Cup.

Eric Kugler from New Orleans volunteered as a referee for the tournament, “When I got the chance to go to the World Cup I wanted to make sure that I also got to see something that was authentic.”

Minho Falcao grew up playing football in Brazil, but feels left out of the FIFA World Cup “This event shows us that we’ve not forgotten the people who live in the favelas.

Watch the short documentary below to meet the founders and players of the tournament and for some celebratory samba dancing.

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