The Anatomy of a Health Seeking Choice

  • Authors

  • Lou Bergholz
  • Publisher

  • Edgework Consulting, UNICEF Namibia
  • Year

  • 2013


As part of the creation of the Sport 2 Life manual we designed for UNICEF Namibia, Edgework Consulting conducted an extensive research project exploring how young people make choices around their own health and risk. This included an extensive review of relevant literature and we conducted a series of interviews with experts and frontline practitioners working to promote health seeking choices among young people.

The research was undertaken to understand the choice landscape present among young people, especially in Namibia, and to understand success factors in HIV prevention and risk reduction programmes.

Specifically, we were searching for correlations between consistent healthy seeking choices and the potential attributes that correlate with them. We uncovered eight high impact attributes. This short paper overviews the research methodology as well as provides brief summaries of this powerful set of attributes.
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