Previous experience in creating and sustaining partnerships between NGOs and the private sector in Sport & Development shows that real partnership is the same as ‘co-creating’, in which both stakeholders share in the efforts towards making social change.
Many actors who have experience in partnering consider there to be much potential in partnerships between the private sector and NGOs in Sport & Development, this potential remains largely untapped.

Reviews of the beliefs and perspectives among both NGOs and the private sector show that there remains much hesitation to build relationships of trust between each sector, mainly due to a lack of knowledge and experience in the respective roles of each kind of actor and ‘what each one brings or can bring to the table’.

Benefits of Partnering with the Private Sector

The main reasons for considering a partnership with the private sector are...
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Two step-by-step guides for NGOs

Click here to download guides and tools for building partnerships between NGOs, the private sector, sports federations and other actors...
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Benefits of Partnering with NGOs

Read more here about the benefits of working with NGOs and to download The Partnering Toolbox - a guide to forming effective partnerships...
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Stand-Alone Tools for Partnerships

This section provides a number of Stand-alone Tools that may help your organisation identify and enter into discussions with potential partners... Read more

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