Project Management

This section provides an overview of key considerations in project management, specifically related to Sport & Development programmes.
This section also includes 14 tools to help those wishing to develop programmes or specific parts of their programme in Sport & Development. The tools are specific to particular stages in the ‘Project Management Cycle’ – the process of planning, implementing and evaluating projects or programmes.

Project Management Basics

Research shows that projects which are designed and planned with care, have a much higher success rate and longer lasting effects/higher sustainability. Careful strategic planning... Read more

Fourteen Tools

Even though most people are aware of the importance of the inception phase of a project, it often receives too little attention. In many cases, a thorough situational and capacity assessment... Read more

Examples from the Netherlands

A case study of the practical use of the Institutiogramme to determine relevant activities and relationships between stakeholders in South Africa and Surinam...
Read more


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