Master Sport Management with the option to focus on Sport Development

This course examines national and international sport development issues and discusses contemporary approaches to their successful resolution.

Lead Institution
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Type of Programme
Masters (Coursework) Masters (Thesis) PhD

Course description
We examine national and international sport development issues and discuss contemporary approaches to their successful resolution. Issues include development through sport, development of sport, future patterns of sport delivery, and the relationship between professional/elite sport and mass participation.

Our research focuses on the role of sport-for-development initiatives and sport event programs in contributing to social, cultural, psychological and economic development.

Admission requirements
Very good English skills, and for Masters: A relevant Undergraduate Degree in Sport or Business Studies for PhD: A completed Masters Degree

This course is for…
Those wishing to develop a career in sport and event management, sport development, sport governance, and international relations.

Masters (1-2 yrs); PhD (3 yrs)

Language of Instruction

Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

Tel: +64 9921 9999 ext. 7851
Fax: +64 9921 9960
1 Peter Byrd Salaiau Guest September 10, 2011 - 08:01
I am interested i seeking further information on the Sport for Development courses offered. I am the asistant in coordination of the PNG Sports foundations Sport For Development program named the Strongim Komuniti Klab. I enjoy the work and am gaining from hands on trial and error learning however I really would appreciate gaining a accredited qualification.
please inform me of any information relevant to this.
2 Dana Wemyss Guest May 3, 2011 - 14:08
I am interested in receiving further information regarding this program. Any additional information you can send would be greatly appreciated. When is the application deadline?


Dana Wemyss
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