This page provides answers to some of the questions our users have been asking regarding this new version of the Platform. Please consult this page if you are looking for something and can't find it.

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The International Platform on Sport and Development provides a hub for sharing knowledge, building good practice, facilitating coordination and fostering partnerships between and within different stakeholder groups with an interest in the field of sport and development.

By using the platform to share information such as documents, reports, official statements, news updatesevents, and so on, those interested in sport and development can keep abreast of ‘what’s going on’ in the sector.

Users can also connect and interact with each other in order to discuss, ask questions and comment on each other’s work and experiences.

The platform also provides newcomers to the field of sport and development with an entry point to discovering how sport can play a part in reaching development and humanitarian objectives.

You will find thematic, research-based information on specific areas within sport and development (e.g. sport & disability) in the Learn More section. Each part of this section provides a brief overview of specific thematic areas and links to further reading for those who wish to delve deeper into specific topics. (Please bear in mind that the overviews are only summaries and cannot be considered exhaustive.)

You will find practical information on how to get involved in sport and development and to improve practices in this field in the ‘Toolkit’ section. This section contains tools, guides, manuals and tips for practitioners and donors.

The Learn More and Toolkit sections are managed by the Operating Team. If you have suggestions on how this section can be improved, please contact: [email protected]

Registered users - 'Team Players' - can upload their events/news/documents onto the website. Once you have signed up as a Team Player, log into your account and add your events/news/documents. Articles are then edited according to the style guide and approved by the Operating Team.

The Team Player and organisation databases can be found in the ‘Connect’ section.

The Connect section includes the Team Player and organisation databases of individuals, projects and organisations in sport and development. You will be able to browse or search for projects and organisations by geographical, thematic and other criteria to help you find the project or organisation you are looking for.

You can browse individuals involved in sport and development by accessing the Team Player database.

A Team Player is a registered user on the International Platform on Sport and Development. Any visitor to the website may sign up or register to become a Team Player. Once logged in, you can upload your own personal profile with information about yourself and your interests in sport and development.

Each individual Team Player is responsible for creating and updating his/her own Team Player profile. Each Team Player is able to upload an organisation profile. He/she is responsible for maintaining these profiles as well.

The Operating Team is not responsible for creating, updating and/or editing Team Player or Organisation profiles in the Connect section. This area of the website is run by registered website users, who we call 'Team Players'.

You don't. Please bear in mind that the information in the Connect section is added by individual users of the website. Users are advised to use the information provided in this section with caution and to contact individual Team Players to check the accuracy of the information posted.

You may post comments to any news or events item in the 'News & Views' section. You do not have to register or sign in to post comments.

You can:
> Register as a Team Player or registered user of the website and create a personal profile
> Create and update an organisation profile for your organisation
> Upload your own documents;
> Upload your own News & Views including: eventsnews articles and press releases.
> Guidelines for submitting articles can be found here.

The Operating Team is responsible for managing This includes the day-to-day management of the website as well as working closely with the Steering Board who oversees the strategic direction of

The Operating Team is responsible for developing content in the Learn More and Toolkit sections of the website.

Information in the News & Views section and the Connect section is added by users of The Operating Team’s role is to monitor these areas.

The Steering Board is currently made up of all funding partners of It is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the initiative. For more information, please view the page on the Steering Board in the 'About this Platform' section and download the Project Charter.

The Operating Team will collect and review all feedback including: comments, requests and suggestions on how to improve the site.

The text in the Learn More section was created by the Operating Team, in collaboration with the organisations cited in the right hand margins under ‘Credits’. This content is published under a Creative Commons License. Commercial use and creating derivative work are restricted. If you would like to create a derivative work or use this content for commercial purposes, please contact the Operating Team, in writing, who will forward your request to the Steering Board for consideration.

The text in the Toolkit section is published under a Creative Commons license, unless stated otherwise. For this content, commercial use and creating derivative work are restricted. If you would like to create a derivative work or use this content for commercial purposes, please contact the Operating Team, in writing, who will forward your request to the Steering Board for consideration.

For content such as documents and downloads where it is clearly stated that another party holds the copyright, please contact the organisation/institution in question for further information on their copyright policy.