In 2013, published a range of interactive content to celebrate ten years of facilitating a community of practice.


Voices from the community

We asked several people from across the sport and development community about how they have used sportanddev in their work. Find out what they said.

Featured in the video are (in order of appearance):

  • Brian Suskiewicz (Coaches Across Continents)

  • James George Nange Otieno (Kicking AIDS Out)

  • Linda Torege (Kicking AIDS Out)

  • Nova Alexander (Sacred Sports Foundation)

  • Holly Thorpe (University of Waikato, New Zealand)

  • Mel Paramasivan (Communications consultant)

  • Aurélie Pankowiak (MA student, AdaptED Physical Activities)

  • Rhianon Bader (Skateistan)

Watch the video



Download a graphical illustration of our journey so far, showing significant moments from the last 10 years.


Community photo project

For sportanddev's 100th e-Newsletter we asked you take a photo of your contribution to sport and development, and innovatively include the number 100. Here is a montage of some highlights.

We wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the enthusiasm and diversity of those interested in using sport in development and we were excited to receive photographs from many countries - Bangladesh, Ghana, Switzerland and Hungary to name a few. 

The number 100 could have come in any form and in every form it came. We had bats, balls, cones, t-shirts, wheelchairs, weights, bodies, books, surfboards, flagpoles, posters, monuments, paintings, sweatbands and tennis rackets. In exchange, we promised this video, showing “the diversity, successes and contributions” of sport and development enthusiasts.

From the many fantastic submissions we received, a photo from the Naz Foundation India Trust (Naz India) was chosen as the winner for the creative way it incorporated the number 100 into an image that also highlighted the organisation's contribution to sport and development. 

sportanddev would like to thank everyone who participated for helping to make the project a success and our 100th e-Newsletter such a memorable occassion.