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Erika Mueller Chen

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Professional experience designing and delivering multi-stakeholder international development projects in sport for development and peace in nine countries across five continents. Collaborative and resilient social justice advocate committed to inspiring sustainable community development. Strong belief in locally driven integrated and inclusive solutions that build capacity and strengthen diverse leadership pipelines.

A native from the state of Washington, Erika received her...

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Olga Khokhryakova
Russian-speaking consultant

As a sport for development researcher, Olga is currently pursuing her PhD in Sport Management at Louisiana State University. Before her academic career in SDP, she gained more than a decade of practical and leadership experience in journalism, public relations, and project management in non-profit organizations while being a social entrepreneur herself. Olga is a founder of a capacity building SDP initiative SameSport, that increases visibility of inclusive sport organizations and helps people with disabilities to find activities in the area.

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Claire Smagghe
French-speaking consultant

Involved in the development of sport as an educational tool over the past 10 years, Claire has led projects locally and internationally. These various projects have enabled her to develop a wide range of skills in project management, fund-raising and communications. She is a laureate of the Institut de l'Engagement (The Commitment Institute) in France. Sensitive to gender equality, she is also trained in journalism, to give a voice to sportswomen. Claire is now editor-in-chief of Les Sportives media in France. 


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Beatriz Elena Mejía Restrepo
Spanish-speaking consultant

Founder and Executive Director of Grupo Internacional de Paz, an NGO specialized in the field of Sport for Development in Latin America since 2009. She is a member of the Colombian Olympic Academy, where she directs the area of Sport and Peace. 

She has also developed important collaborations with the GC1 of Mexico and the Olympic Academy of Guatemala. She holds a master's degree in Government and Public Policy, a master's degree in Development Studies and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. In the past, she has been part of the government sector in Colombia,...

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Mauricio Hernandez Londoño
Spanish-speaking consultant

Mauricio is an activist for democracy and open debate in sport. Founder and director of the Transparency in Sports movement, where he has led important projects such as the Elite Sports Observatory, and the Citizen Observatory on Corruption in Sports, in collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy REDLAD and the Citizen Forum on the Americas FCA. 

He has presented annually in Play the Game´s conference since 2019 and the International Sports Safety Network RIASPORT. He is currently a professor at the University of Antioquia in Colombia, and the...

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John Bartmann
Technical Consultant

John Bartmann is a professional knowledge worker with wide-ranging experience in front-end web development, content writing, TEFL, digital publishing, events management and audio production. In 2017, he was part of the team to win the South African Vodacom Journalist of the Year award for the podcast production ‘Alibi’. The aim of his work is to build and leverage digital platforms which create accessibility and parity for independent knowledge workers and self-publishers.