A range of leading organisations have already pledged their support for this global campaign as well as many in-kind partners.

To help sportanddev coordinate the reshaping of sport and development, including upgrading the sportanddev platform to better serve the sector, organisations in our community are supporting us to raise $200,000 USD. We are grateful to all those who have contributed to this campaign so far and for their kind words of support. We have also listed many of our in-kind partners here.


Australian Aid

The Australian Government (platinum)

"sportanddev is an outstanding platform that has helped many of our partners in the Pacific, not only in terms of resources but also to be part of the international community of practice by sharing our region’s sport for development programs and stories."

- Andrew Lepani, Partnerships Manager, Team Up


GIZ Combined

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) (platinum)

“We support the efforts of sportanddev to promote sport as an effective tool to build back better, especially in times of crises. Sport offers great opportunities for inclusive learning and exchange – on and off the sports field. German development cooperation uses this power of sport for sustainable development, with a particular focus on girls and women. We therefore welcome the initiative to unite like-minded partners and increase the range and impact of their measures.”

Minister Svenja Schulze, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

For more information on Sport for Development in German development cooperation: Resource Toolkit - Sport for Development


ITTF Foundation Logo

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Foundation (platinum)

“sportanddev is a key connector that creates synergies between the sport and development actors. The ITTF Foundation is happy to support sportanddev in their mission to connect all driving forces in sport for development to generate a greater impact globally.”

– Leandro Olvech, Director, ITTF Foundation


Generation Amazing

Generation Amazing (platinum)

“We are delighted to be supporting this important campaign as we continue to use the power of football as a catalyst for positive social development locally in Qatar, regionally and globally. As a legacy to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Generation Amazing aims to reach 1 million disadvantaged youth and we look forward to develop long-lasting sustainable impact in the sport for development sector with sportanddev and partners.”

- Nasser Al Khori, Programmes Director – Generation Amazing, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy


The Commonwealth

Commonwealth Secretariat (gold)

"The Commonwealth Secretariat firmly believes and continues to support the good work that sportanddev do to ensure that sport serves as catalyst for inclusive and resilient communities across the Commonwealth and its 2.5 billion citizens, while being in alignment with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs."

- Layne Robinson, Head of Social Policy Development, Economic, Youth & Sustainable Development Directorate, Commonwealth Secretariat



Laureus Sport for Good Foundation (gold)

"We believe the collaboration that sportanddev helps to drive is crucial for the sport for development sector to remain resilient and sustain and scale its work during these challenging times. As Laureus, we are glad to lend our support to this initiative as an investment in the future of sport and development."

– Adam Fraser, CEO, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation



ChildFund Sport for Development (silver)

“Partnerships, in all their diversity, are central to the impact that sport for development delivers globally. Sportanddev enables connections that create exciting opportunities for meaningful collaboration and learning. ChildFund Sport for Development is proud to play our part in ensuring the sector remains solution-focused, innovative, and inclusive in response to the challenges of the pandemic and beyond.”

- Chris Mastaglio, ChildFund Sport for Development Director


Generations for Peace

Generations For Peace (silver)

“sportanddev provides an invaluable resource for the sector, and we are committed to do everything we can to contribute our knowledge, experience, data, and stories from Generations For Peace programmes in communities all around the world, to help inform and inside others, so that together we can learn, share and shape the future of sport and development to be ever more equitable, inclusive, impactful, and sustainable.” 

– Mark Clark MBE, CEO, Generations For Peace


Women Win

Women Win (silver)

“Organisations around the world are facing incredible challenges to reduce the amplified inequities during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Women Win strongly advocates for the power of sport and play to successfully drive development goals forward. We believe sportanddev has the strength to stimulate, facilitate and coordinate change efforts in the sector and we are happy to contribute to this collective action towards a more innovative and sustainable sport for development future."

– Maria Bobenrieth, Executive Director, Women Win



Oceania Football Confederation (silver)

“It’s exciting for us to be a part of this global movement. To have the opportunity to share our learnings and collaborate with others across the sport and sport for development sectors is a real positive. COVID-19 has presented significant challenges for football delivery in the Pacific and further highlighted the inequalities and development challenges faced by many in our region. Football in particular will have a key role to play in rebuilding after the pandemic and OFC is committed to continuing to promote equal access and inclusion, while addressing key health and social challenges and ensuring sustainable delivery of our activities in communities across the Pacific.”

- Franck Castillo, General Secretary, Oceania Football Confederation



European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) (bronze)

"EOSE has been pleased to lead the transnational EU-funded CHANGE project to enhance the skills of people engaged in sport for development. We believe supporting sportanddev with the 'Reshaping the future of sport and development' campaign is a great way to contribute to the ongoing development of the sector, which is so vital to the development of individuals and communities across the world. We look forward to further collaboration."

– Aurélien Favre, Executive Director, EOSE; Coordinator, CHANGE project


Lao Rugby

Lao Rugby Federation (bronze)

“The importance of sport for development as a key part of formal sport structures cannot be underestimated. With the challenges the sports sector faces, in conjunction with challenges our communities and stakeholders face stemming from COVID-19, I encourage sport and development organisations to unite to shape a better future for all through sport.”

– Viengsamai Souksavanh, CEO, Lao Rugby Federation



Indigenous Marathon Foundation (bronze)

"The tangible benefits in terms of Sport for Development (SFD) that The Indigenous Marathon Foundation achieves through its different programs, cover physical and mental health, social and economic upliftment as well as diversity and inclusion outcomes. Being able to stimulate and promote resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia gives us a powerful voice to add to the SFD knowledge-bank globally. We anticipate that our contribution will assist in the improvement of conditions of marginalised First Nations groups worldwide, utilising the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a reference."

- Robert de Castella (AO, MBE), World Marathon Champion, CEO & Founder, Indigenous Marathon Foundation


Sport Works

SportWorks (bronze)

"The importance of sport goes far beyond the inspiration we get from major events with top athletes. Sport is a way of empowering communities and improving quality of life, from the bottom up. We, at SportWorks, believe in connecting the global sports community, so we can shape a better world together. Supporting the reshaping of the sport and development sector is, thus, one of our priorities. Great to be sportanddev’s partner!"

- Tatiana Ghigonetto, Executive Director, SportWorks


Special Olympics

Special Olympics

“Special Olympics is proud to support this campaign as part of a shared commitment to strengthening Sport for Development initiatives across the world.  As the global community faces unprecedented health, geopolitical and social challenges, this is the time to redefine the dialogue on the way sports can help drive key development aims that benefit individuals, communities and nations alike.”

- David Evangelista, President, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia