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Our partners

Our partners

sportanddev works with a wide range of partners, some of which are listed here.

In addition to our Steering Board members, the International Platform on Sport and Development (sportanddev) works with many partners. These include the following organisations. We also work with many individuals and actors who are not listed here.

Japan Sport Council

Established in 2003, the Japan Sport Council (JSC) is the national agency responsible for the development of sport in Japan. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and Japan Sports Agency, JSC plays a vital role in delivering sport policy in Japan and in enhancing the value of sport in society.

sportanddev is working with JSC on a joint project to strengthen capacity in sport and development. The project is entitled Bridging the Divide: A Guide for Translating Policy into Practice and Managing Projects to maximize the use of Sport for Sustainable Development. The project seeks to develop a comprehensive and practical guidebook on how to incorporate sport as a development tool for project managers and policy makers worldwide. See this press release for more details.

The guidebook will be published both in Japanese and English (and ideally all official languages of the United Nations dependent upon resources). The project has been certified as a Tokyo 2020 Support Programme and the guidebook will be launched at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 (which have now been postponed to 2021).

Journal of Sport for Development

JSFD is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal which aims to advance, examine and disseminate evidence and best practices for programs and interventions that use sport to promote development, health and/or peace. There is no cost to publish or access JSFD articles and issues, thus democratizing the production and consumption of knowledge.

sportanddev and JSFD have agreed a multi-year partnership, reflecting their shared values and commitment to strengthening the field of sport and development through improved knowledge sharing, research, learning, advocacy and communications. Read more about the partnership here.

Pro Sport Development

Pro Sport Development (PSD) is an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to using sport to aid in the holistic development of children and youth. Since its inception in 2013, PSD has gained extensive experience in designing, implementing and evaluating different sports-based programs in India and the broader Asia region. Their expertise includes delivering sports-based programs and training trainers, and supporting organisations to effectively manage, document and evaluate their programs. In 2018, PSD was recognised by the International Olympic Committee’s Sport and Active Society Commission for our outstanding work in the area of sport for all. Currently, PSD is a member of The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA).

PSD is working with sportanddev as a communications partner. The PSD team assists sportanddev with their overall communications strategy, including content creation and design, writing and editing, social media and newsletter coordination.

Sport and Citizenship

Sport and Citizenship was created in Brussels in September 2007 and is the first European think tank who focuses on the analysis of sports policies and the societal impact of sport. Sport and Citizenship relies on years of expertise and enjoys recognition from public authorities and stakeholders in European sport. It is thus regularly consulted by international and European institutions, member states, the sports movement and civil society who recognise it as a privileged interlocutor in this field. Sport and Citizenship is working with sportanddev as a communication partner.

TIBU Maroc

A leader in the field of social innovation through sport, TIBU Maroc is the main organization in Morocco in the field of education and socio-economic integration of young people through sport. TIBU Maroc aims to create real paths of personal and professional success through sport to its different beneficiaries. Founded in 2010, TIBU Maroc has designed and developed several pioneering projects in the kingdom. These different programs aim at creating life champions through the power of sport. TIBU Maroc is working with sportanddev as a communication partner.

Sport en Commun

Launched by the French Development Agency in 2020, Sport en Commun is a pan-African digital platform designed to facilitate transformation through sport by connecting project managers with providers that can fund their activities and support them in their implementation. The collaboration between Sport en Commun and sportanddev aims to mobilise efforts in terms of information and training on Sport and Development.

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