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13 players, 13 dishes, 1 cause, 1 book


13 players, 13 dishes, 1 cause, 1 book

UEFA is supporting a cause – portrayed through a new book - that encourages young people to be more conscious of living active lifestyles and eating well.

'Eat for Goals!' (E4G!) is about good food, cooking and football. The book’s simple message – that a healthy lifestyle is also based on healthy food - is conveyed by a multi-ethnic group of 13 internationally renowned male and female football players and their food choices. These role models were invited to present their approach to healthy food by describing the recipe of their preferred dish, sharing with readers what they love to eat. E4G! is also educational as it highlights the interdependency between a balanced healthy diet and performance, which is crucial to footballers.

E4G! was created with the support of three organisations that have joined forces to encourage Europeans to keep healthy by raising awareness among children and their families about the importance of living an active lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet. They are UEFA, the World Heart Federation and the European Commission..

UEFA, in the framework of its ongoing Football and Social Responsibility efforts, identified 'Eat for Goals!' as a perfect means to talk to a large and young public about the importance of both, good food and daily exercise, by bringing together footballers’ favourite recipes.

The World Heart Federation is a non-governmental organisation comprising 196 medical societies and heart charities from across every continent and more than 100 countries worldwide committed to helping the global population achieve a longer and better life through prevention and control of heart disease and stroke, with a focus on low and middle-income countries.

Chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes are largely preventable if the main risk factors are reduced by avoiding tobacco, eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish and pulses, plus low-fat and low-salt products. Regular physical exercise such as playing football is also vital. The World Heart Federation fully supports the 'Eat for Goals!' initiative as it combines the goals of promoting healthy nutrition and active lifestyles to children and their parents in a fun and educational way.

The European Commission is the executive arm of the European Union, which today comprises 27 member states. The role of the Commission is to represent the common European interest in a wide range of economic and social fields, and propose new legislation where this is appropriate. 'Eat for Goals!' presents the European Commission with an excellent opportunity to offer practical support to its White Paper on Health by reaching a wide audience through football, one of Europe's most popular social activities. The European Commissioner for Health believes that European cooperation produces results that cannot be achieved by national governments working alone. The fight against obesity is only one of the many examples where Europe 'adds value'. Through the active support of the E4G! book, the Commission wishes to sensitise European governments and the general public to one of the major public health issues of the 21st century.

UEFA has also decided to support these efforts and to walk the talk. The world of football has long inspired people of any age and gender to exercise and to care about having a healthy lifestyle. Not content with this, it now seems to have set out to inspire them to eat well too. Fit & Healthy: Football fans of all ages are invited to walk the talk too. UEFA will donate EUR 1 from the sale of this book in support of World Heart Federation programmes encouraging children to be physically active.

The last word goes to two contributors to the book:
“Eat for Goals! shows young players and lovers of football how to cook and eat like champions,” – Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC and England)

“I’m very happy to share my favourite recipe as a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise but also healthy food,”- Birgit Prinz (1. FFC Frankfurt and Germany women’s player)

Get your copy of Eat for Goals! in English French or German at for 12.90 EURO.


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Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 23:00

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