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The 2013 sportanddev e-Debate


The 2013 sportanddev e-Debate

As part of its 10 year anniversary celebration, sportanddev is launching an e-Debate to raise the profile of sport as a tool in development.

The sportanddev e-Debate aims to encourage the sport and development (S&D) community to reflect on the evolution of the sector and its outlook post-2015. The online debate will take place over a several week period leading up to the end of the year and will focus on the role of sport in post-2015 policy-making.

S&D in post-2015 development
The post-2015 discussions are well underway and many are wondering where the voice of S&D is in this process. Who will raise the banner for the community and make its voice heard in the post-2015 agenda?

The 2013 sportanddev e-Debate is an opportunity to come together as a community, generate critical discussion and present a unified voice for the inclusion of S&D in post-2015 policy-making.

Starting the conversation

sportanddev has asked key experts in the field to share their knowledge, experience and opinions to help guide the debate and start an important conversation for the S&D sector. The featured e-Debaters represent policy, research and practice and will respond to three rounds of questions.

Each round will have a different focus. Round one will reflect on the evolution of the sector and its contribution to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), round two will examine the role of S&D in post-2015 development and round three will provide an opportunity to envision its future.

How to get involved?
In addition to the featured e-Debaters, the e-Debate will be open to contributions from the wider community. At the end of each round, the sportanddev Operating Team will publish a summary of the round and an open call for additional comments and opinions. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and to engage with leading S&D experts.


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