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2021 survey results: Recommendations for sportanddev

2021 survey results: Recommendations for sportanddev

sportanddev users provided a series of recommendations for the platform – these will be taken into account as we seek to improve our work and service to the community.

The International Platform on Sport and Development (sportanddev) has conducted its 2021 annual survey in order for us to better serve our users, and provide insights into the state of sport and development. The results are illuminating across many areas - this article details recommendations for the platform. Another article offers insights into how users view and value the sportanddev platform while a third article contains insights related to the broader sector and the covid pandemic.

sportanddev recognises that we can always improve our work, and that this needs to be informed by the diverse range of stakeholders that use the platform. As such we asked our users to answer the following key question: What could sportanddev improve on?


Recommendations included the following key themes:

  • Improved website with better accessibility, functionality, visual appeal, user experience and interactivity. This includes content in other languages (e.g. Spanish). On this note, sportanddev has launched a process and campaign to upgrade the current site, including above features
  • Support for communities of practice (e.g. by region and/or thematic area) in sport and development, including the ability to host groups and capacity building initiatives
  • Greater use of technology (e.g. more multimedia content) and hosting of webinars
  • More informatino about grants and funding resources/opportunities
  • More toolkits, resources and other learning materials (on this note, sportanddev has created an open access online course on sport and sustainable development, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Australian government, with over 5,000 learners joining).
  • Increase collaboration between practitioners, academics and policymakers – bridge the gap between theory/policy and practice that continues to exist in sport and development
  • Greater profiling and coordination of regional networks and the work they are doing
  • Feature content from a greater diversity of actors, including marginalised individuals and groups (such as people with disabilities and refugees) and those from the Global South

Topics and trends

We asked respondents to provide feedback on what issues the platform should cover in an article series. The following topics were among the suggestions:

  • Greater coverage of issues related to acces, inclusion, equity and intersectionality
  • Greater focus on the role of sport in the economy and how to engage national actors
  • Sport and the environment, including climate change and how sport can respond
  • Gender and equity in sport, including women in sport and the inclusion of vulnerable groups
  • Fundraising advice and approaches, including grants, partnerships and job opportunities
  • Guidance on advocating for the widespread use of sport in development priorities
  • Integrity and transparency in sport, including issues of governance and safeguarding
  • Guidance on monitoring and evaluation (M&E), including impact measurement and research

For greater detail on the responses, please see the full 2021 Survey Results document here.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We are community driven and your feedback is important to us. While we are not able to promise to implement all suggestions made – some are dependent on financial resources – we take all suggestions seriously and will carry out as many as possible. To provide feedback and/or suggestions throughout the year, please email


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