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2022 UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize

2022 UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize

Nominations for the 2022 UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize are now open for individuals, groups or organizations who have made a significant contribution to the development of martial arts training activities.

The UNESCO ICM Martial Arts Education Prize is granted to an individual, group or organization who has made a significant contribution to the development and social engagement of youth and women through martial arts training activities. The prize winner will be awarded USD 10,000.

Who can apply?

The award is open to all individuals, groups or organizations who have made significant contribution through martial arts training activities in accordance with one of the following criteria:

  • Helping youth to overcome underprivileged circumstances through martial arts education
  • Improving women’s rights and enhances women’s social engagement through martial arts education for women
  • Creating a safe environment in local communities through martial arts education activities
  • Contributing to ensuring that the socially-underprivileged build self-reliance while overcoming hardships through martial arts education

What do you need to apply?

To apply, individuals, groups or organizations must submit the following:

  • A letter or recommendation from relevant organizations/institutions (organizations relevatnt to UNESCO, including UNESCO National Commissions, Chairs and UNITWIN networks, Category I and II centres or international networks that are in an official partner of UNESCO through authorization or agreements) or governmental or non-governmental organizations in the field of martial arts and sports
  • Other materials that support your activities or programmes (e.g. official documents, project plans, photos, videos, publications, website, etc.)
  • Photo and video materials for the production of a promotional video, if selected (video will be produced within 1-2 months after the winner is announced)

Submission period

Applications for the award will be accepted starting 22 June. The deadline to apply is 17 August at midnight, KST.

How to apply?

Submit the required documents on the online application form. This includes the letter of recommendation and any other supporting documents (maximum of 10 materials.

Selection criteria

The winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution (outcome and result): How much contribution has been made for the target of martial arts education, in terms of development and change?
  • Innovation: How much innovation has been made through new thinking, in terms of targets and objectives or processes and measures?
  • Collective assessment: Further assessment will be based considering the situation, condition, field circumstances, etc. of the candidate or activity

Award ceremony

The ceremony will be held in November 2022 (subject to change, depending on circumstances, at the UNESCO ICM in Chungju City in the Republic of Korea. One individual, group or organization will be selected and presented with a cash prize of USD 10,000, a prize certificate and a medal.


To find out more about the award, please contact the UNESCO ICM International Cooperation Team



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