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The 6th IWG World Conference reveals its legacy

The 6th IWG World Conference reveals its legacy

As the conference drew to an end, the participants of the conference came to conclusions concerning the new objectives and strategies geared towards gender equality and the equal participation of women and girls in sport at all levels.

The conference, held in Helsinki from 12-15 June, underlined the importance to “Lead the Change, Be the Change” especially under the conference sub-themes:

  • Move me- Physical activity, health & well-being for life
  • Buck the trend- Leading the change in sport policy
  • 100% Sport- Enhancing participation through creativity & innovation
  • Be your best coach- Pursuing excellence in leadership & coaching
  • Sport without fear- Sport as a safe haven & bastion for human rights

The conference participants celebrated the achievement of positive changes experienced by women and girls in the field of sport and physical activity while simultaneously highlighting the barriers which impede equal opportunities for women and girls to be involved in sport at all levels and in all functions and roles of sport and physical activity. Finally the conference put together some conclusions and recommendations on these issues.

In regards to the sub-themes, participants of the conference recommended that:

  • The sport and development stakeholders participate to their capacity in the formulation and adoption of a legal framework, policies and strategies at all levels of sport that generally support the role of women in this field.
  • The community in general takes vivid actions towards making sure that the legal framework, policies and strategies that are formulated or adopted in regards to women in sport are exercised as required to increase the role of women in sports.
  • Regular research, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, in regards to the role of women in sport, is to be conducted by the different sport and development stakeholders in the world for the sole purpose of using this information to continue improving the sport policies, actions and best practices

The conference participants expressed the need for leading the change and concrete actions in the areas of sport policy, leadership, coaching, participation, health and wellbeing, and safety as underlined in the “From Brighton to Helsinki” Women and Sport Progress Report 1994 - 2014.

Thus the participants unanimously approved an updated document called The Brighton Plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport. The conference participants unanimously adopted the conclusions and recommendations of the 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport ”Lead the Change, Be the Change”.


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Richard Mwaga


Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 23:00