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77 events in more than 50 countries

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77 events in more than 50 countries

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace coincides with World Table Tennis Day. The International Table Tennis Federation will celebrate with events around the world and will also make a big announcement that day.

Triple reason to celebrate for the World of Table Tennis on 6th April

The World of Table Tennis is preparing for a historic day. On 6 April, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) calls to celebrate worldwide the 4th edition of the World Table Tennis Day and the International Day on Sport for Development and Peace, but also will make a big announcement.

Last year the World Table Tennis Day was a total success with 453 events in 93 countries. Just like the first edition in 2015, people of all ages in different parts of the world enjoyed a full day of table tennis. But fun is just one part of what the World Table Tennis Day is aiming at, because this event also looks for new people who had never played table tennis before. But the most important objective of all is to use the sport as a social power.

People in need, with a disability, immigrants, refugees and women and girls fighting for gender equality were some of 90,000 participants in 2017 who held a racket for the first time and knew the benefits of practicing the sport. 2017 set the bar very high for this year. 77 events in 50 countries have been registered in the official web site so far, but there is still time to encourage people to join this big celebration.However, the focus of attention won’t only be on this celebration but also on the launching of the recently constituted ITTF Foundation.

On 24th February, during the 2018 ITTF World Team Cup, the ITTF Executive Committee, led by President Thomas Weikert, officially ratified the constitution of ITTF Foundation. This non-profit organization shows the commitment of ITTF with social causes and responsibility of continuing the task begun by ITTF Development 19 years ago. The ITTF Foundation will work in six areas: Dream Building, TT4ALL, NeTTworking, TT Advocacy, Athletes Involvement, and Get Inspired.

I hope that the table tennis community worldwide, the ITTF Family and our existing partners and sponsors commit actively to this initiative and that it serves to promote solidarity and to gain new supporters for this cause”, stated Leandro Olvech, Director of the ITTF Foundation.

The official inauguration of ITTF Foundation will be in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in the Jordan Border with Syria, where the launching of “Nittaku ITTF Dream Building with Refugees” project aiming to provide sport opportunities and education of values through Table Tennis for Syrian refugees will also take place.


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