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All Inclusive Empowering Club established by ENGAGE


All Inclusive Empowering Club established by ENGAGE

Wheelchair basketball is on the agenda as Nepal-based charity promote inclusivity through volunteering programmes.

These days, while sports aficionados are glued to screens to watch the incredible achievements of Paralympians in Rio de Janeiro, ENGAGE is trying, step by step, to lay the foundations for a more inclusive society. In what it is going to be a long and tough journey, the use of sport as a tool for positive change will make the ride a bit easier.

Since the end of the Turkish Airlines ENGAGE Empowering League, the first ever wheelchair basketball championship played here in Nepal from May to July, we got busy with important outreach activities of the League. On the one hand the organisation of talk programs in schools around Kathmandu and on the other, the creation of the All Inclusive Empowering Clubs.

If we take into account that one of the goals of the League was the creation of more awareness about disability and social inclusion - one of the main reasons the Swiss Embassy in Nepal stepped up its support to this initiative - these outreach activities play a special role.

The two activities are complementary to each other. The talk programmes, where League players share their experiences and play an exhibition game in front of the students, help towards the setting up of social clubs to address issues related to social inclusion such as gender and disability. What can also often happen is the reinforcing of existing social activities implemented by the schools.

We have carried out more than 10 school talk programmes and we have so far set up two All Inclusive Empowering Clubs at Campion Academy and Caribbean School. Further programmes are coming, including one to be established in a community/public school.

No one should be surprised that we got such a big interest to initiate the clubs from the students themselves, as the talk programmes are truly inspirational. They provide students with a prime opportunity to talk with people with physical disabilities. Thanks to the interaction happening between students and players, we really set the right conditions to pitch for the establishment of the clubs whose aim is to promote social inclusion at community level.

In the formation of a club we go for a holistic approach about social inclusion that, while putting at the center issues related to disabilities, includes other related domains like gender empowerment and community development.

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Simone Galimberti


Thursday, September 15, 2016 - 23:00