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Animators at East Africa Cup take tournament worldwide


Animators at East Africa Cup take tournament worldwide

The East Africa Cup (EAC) will officially open tomorrow evening and sitting amid the crowds of excited players, coaches and organisers, will be eight leaders eagerly anticipating the premier of their first animation films – the products of their three day animation workshop, part of EAC's wide range of training seminars.

Curious about how they could use animation as a tool to communicate important messaging, leaders from organising partners MYSA and CHRISC  have created films using basic methods of photography.

Using videos to share social messaging
The films they have created promote ‘Keeping your environment clean’ and ‘Fair play’ two central themes to EAC. The videos that have been created directly from this year’s training symbolise not only the diverse skills that people can develop and use in their community, but also the power and possibilities that can arise from trying something new.

Everyone can be an animator
All the leaders have an active interest in the media, but had never had experience of making their own animation film.

Josephat Gushu, from MYSA, has experience of web design, but animation appealed to him as a new communication tool that he could teach in his community media class. “I see cartoons on TV and I never thought I could do something like this, but when I come here, I see it is so easy, you make your own backgrounds, your own movements and your own film,” he said.

Ibrahimu hassan, a media leader for CHRISC Tanzania agrees. “The way we make pictures and turn them into a movie is a new concept. It is simple and made from simple things you can make in Arusha and Tanzania,” he said.

Kennedy Njuguna, from CHRISC Kenya, is familiar with video editing but wants to deepen his knowledge of film. “I know how to edit videos and I think it goes hand in hand with editing. I really wanted to learn more about film and about how to animate photos.”

Utilising community resources
The animation methods rely on the simple technique of taking multiple photos and an editing process using software commonly available to both organisations.  

The trainers have learned two techniques: using paper cut-outs and using each other as models and stars of the videos in stop motion animation.

Joseph from MYSA said, “I can now make movies for the benefit of the organisations and even to motivate and boost people.”

Impact on the community
Audun Nedrelid, a Norwegian film maker delivering the workshop, usually gives these classes to young learners but believes the impact this training will extend beyond the trainers:

“By training eight leaders from two influential community-based organisations, the new skills and will develop them professionally and impact their community: the way they approach story telling and deliver messaging.”

Videos from the groups will be premiered at the EAC opening ceremony tomorrow and be made available through social media. The leaders will continue their skill development with a cartoon workshop with Disney illustrator, Arild Midthun, over the rest of the tournament.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012 - 23:00