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APL Girls 2016 allows young girls to bring their cricketing prowess to the pitch


APL Girls 2016 allows young girls to bring their cricketing prowess to the pitch

RDT organised the first ever APL cricket tournament for girls, strengthening the grassroots structure of women’s cricket in Anantapur and promoting women sports in general while provoking a change in the mind-set of the people.

Rural Development Trust (RDT) aims to develop sports at the grassroot level, with the intention of promoting a sporting culture among the rural youth. In a bid to further promote cricket in Anantapur, RDT teamed up with the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA), and the Anantapur District Cricket Association (ADCA) to run the yearly Ananta Premier League (APL).

After five APL seasons since its inception in 2010, and having developed many aspiring cricketers, more youngsters, particularly girls, have shown a keener interest in cricket. Therefore the ADCA and ACA together with the RDT began the APL for girls from this year onwards.

The League, in its inaugural season, saw a total of nine girls teams participate with close to 150 female participants. The APL for girls started on 21 January 2016 and concluded on 14 February 2016. It was great to see the girls compete fiercely during the tournament, yet enjoy every moment of it, and play in the right spirit.

The league has brought a glimmer of hope for girls in and around Anantapur. For the initially shy and very conservative masses, sport is a means of breaking their misbelief that women are only fit for running a household. They see sports as an opportunity to grow as better social beings.

ASA cricket coach A. Yugandhar Reddy says that “Thanks to the league, girls see it as an opportunity to play cricket on a regular basis as the number of regular participants has increased. Many of them have a changed viewpoint and see cricket as an opportunity to a better career as a result of playing cricket competitively.” He also adds that the people have begun to think about promoting girls cricket and that parents are more willing to allow their daughters to play.

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