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ASA coaches attend an awareness workshop on ‘Basic Life Support’

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ASA coaches attend an awareness workshop on ‘Basic Life Support’

50 coaches, physical education teachers (PET’s) and volunteers from Anantapur Sports Academy have undergone training in Basic Life Support (BLS) and are equipped to handle medical emergencies.

Pro Sport Development (PSD), as part of the Coach Training Workshops for the coaches of Anantapur Sports Academy, invited Dr Ramesh Health and Educational Society from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh to organise an awareness workshop on Basic Life Support (BLS). The workshop was delivered on 24 April 2017 in Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) and was attended by a total of 50 coaches, physical education teachers (PET’s) and volunteers from ASA centres and ASA supported schools within the district of Anantapur.                                                                                                                                             
The workshop was delivered by Lt Col (Retd) Dr Y. Ashok, along with his team K. Gopi Krishna and P. Rajendra Prasad. Dr Ramesh Health and Educational Society delivered this workshop as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative: Golden Hour Project, through which the society is working towards empowering and educating people on handling various medical emergencies.

The workshop primarily focused on sharing knowledge on potential medical issues that people might encounter in their daily lives and followed it up with equipping the participants with necessary skills to attend to them. The participants were taken through major potential injuries that might occur in day-to-day lives and through practical demonstrations, participants were made to understand and learn the procedure to offer Basic Life Support (BLS) to the injured.

The workshop concluded with an additional focus on CPR training and as part of the topic, participants were made aware of the signs that might help us to identify the dangers of cardiac arrest and respond quickly. Subsequently, mock drills were conducted to help participants understand the delivery of CPR using mannequins.

Speaking about the awareness workshop, Dr Y. Ashok said “30% of the deaths that occur in our daily lives are preventable, treatable and savable in the ‘First Golden Hour’ and the key is ‘Knowledge & Skill’. Through our CSR initiative, we are sharing the knowledge and equipping the common people with the necessary skills to handle such basic medical emergencies. These coaches mostly interact with children and are mostly based out of rural regions; hence it is quite essential for them to be aware of handling these basic medical emergencies before the expert medical care arrives.”



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