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ASA coaches participate in another leadership workshop led by Lider Haz Go

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ASA coaches participate in another leadership workshop led by Lider Haz Go

Lider Haz Go, a Spanish based organisation known for its expertise in organising leadership workshops all around the world, has visited Anantapur, India, for the third time to deliver another Leadership Workshop for Anantapur Sports Academies (ASA) coaches.

Lider Haz Go (LHG) is committed to motivate individuals, companies and institutions to help them realize their innate potential to achieve significant gains in both their personal and professional spheres. LHG made this visit to ASA to provide the coaches with insight into various approaches that can be considered while coaching youth and children and help them understand the key role coaches are playing in shaping these children into responsible citizens.

The workshop took place on 9 January 2017 in Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) for a group of 12 ASA coaches from the academy as well as development centres, comprised mostly of young individuals who have taken up coaching roles recently. A team of three trainers from LHG: Belen Gutierrez, Jose Vicente Soria Blanco and Beatriz Aragon, with commendable years of experience in driving youth from various developing countries to reach their potential, led this workshop.

The four hour workshop started with a quick revision of the takeaways from the previous workshop held in September 2016 and was followed by interactive questions to make the coaches think critically about their roles  and responsibilities within ASA. The trainers, through multiple activity based learning exercises, discussions and Q&A’s ensured the coaches were kept engaged during the workshop. This approach also provided every coach to actively share their views, particularly the young coaches who got a platform to express themselves leading to an increase in their self-esteem.

The first of the three activities was aimed at helping the coaches understand the importance of critical thinking, asking questions and most importantly understanding about their personalities to identify their personal strengths and areas of development.  The second activity, using a blindfold demonstration, showed the coaches the kind of environment needed for children to participate and enjoy the sport to its fullest. The final activity saw the coaches grouped in their respective sport being asked to draw an action plan for the two identified areas they would like to develop in their respective sports program in the near future.

One of the young coaches, S. Tahir, who has been coaching children only from the past six months, expressed his happiness on taking part in this workshop by saying that

“it has helped him understand the role of coach even better and the different approaches he can incorporate to ensure the children engage and enjoy themselves during his cricket sessions.”

The trainers from LHG were asked about their impressions on the workshop, upon which they revealed “these coaches were eager to learn and the mood of the workshop changed over time as they began to express themselves quite comfortably. Listening to their revelations at the end of the workshop, we are quite affirmative that these coaches will incorporate these new learning’s into their daily coaching.”


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