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Beyond Sport Awards - Sport in Conflict Resolution

Beyond Sport Awards - Sport in Conflict Resolution

Nominations for this year’s Sport for Conflict Resolution Award include projects from Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

The 2016 Beyond Sport Awards will once again include the category of sport for conflict resolution. Last year’s recipient, ‘Fight For Peace’, was chosen for its outstanding work in bringing education to young people around the world using boxing and martial arts. The 2016 nominees must show how sport is used to address key issues in:

  • Areas affected by pre-, current or post-conflicts situations
  • Communities affected by violence through criminal activity or local cultural/ ethnic tensions
  • Engaging people from various backgrounds affected by conflict
  • Creating lasting impact on the wider community

This year’s nominees include the following three projects:

‘Mi Vida es un Diamante’ – Grupo Internacional de Paz (Colombia)

The ‘My Life is a Diamond’ project uses sport to mitigate violence and promote peace in various regions of Colombia. The project was piloted in 2010 with Peace & Sport by using baseball as a means of intervening in the cycle of violence faced by at-risk youth. The project targets 6 to 17 year old males and females in four regions.

Coaches use analogies between baseball and life to develop and strengthen participants’ abilities to respond to threats. Over 550 youth have benefitted from the project and it continues to grow thanks to support from various partners and the government.

'Fight For Peace' – Maré United (Brazil)

Founded in 2000 and located in Rio de Janeiro, ‘Fight For Peace’ uses boxing and martial arts combined with education to support young people in communities affected by crime and violence. Maré United uses the ‘Fight For Peace’ model in the Complexo da Maré neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After decades of violent confrontations between openly armed rival drug factions, the police and the army: the young people of Maré are in need of support. Boxing and martial arts teach participants life skills while the education component provides them alternative learning environments. Participants gain access to work via vocational training and opportunities through network partners. They also benefit from social-support teams and develop their leadership skills through involvement with the Youth Councils.

Basketball Clubs & Champions for Peace - PeacePlayers International (Global)

Since 2001 PeacePlayers International has used basketball as a way to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities. Projects in Northern Ireland, Israel, the West Bank, South Africa and Cyprus have reached over 59,000 participants.

Basketball clubs in the PeacePlayers network use the sport to break down linguistic, religious and cultural barriers and tackle prejudice. Clubs also provide young people from marginalised and underprivileged communities training and educational opportunities.


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