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Beyond Sport Awards – Sport for Education Award

Beyond Sport Awards – Sport for Education Award

Nominations for this year’s Sport for Education Award celebrates projects from Haiti and the UK.

The 2016 Beyond Sport Awards will celebrate how sport is being used in the foundations of education projects. The nominated projects use sport to increase the number and/or diversity of people accessing education, and increase the quality and relevance of education received

This year’s nominees include the following three projects:

The FBB Schools programme is built around a football themed, literacy curriculum which puts a young person’s passion for football at the heart of their education. In the 2016/2017 school year, they are delivering 18 FBB Schools programmes to 320 students at schools across London and Wales.

The programme works with students in years 6 –10 who are underachieving at school but are passionate about football. It uses football as an educational tool to engage and inspire students, and supports them to improve their attendance, behaviour for learning and literacy skills.

By using soccer as a platform for development, GOALS is able to reach children who are left behind by conventional educational systems, offering a second chance for children who live in underserved communities. That’s why they’re incorporating literacy training into existing sports and education programmes.

For boys and girls in Haiti, becoming literate will simply be the first step toward achieving their full potential. After holding several community-wide meetings, 25 students have been enrolled into the first literacy courses. Most of these children haven’t attended school for several years or more, and few of them have literate parents. Through literacy, GOALS will be able to level the playing field, giving these boys and girls their first opportunities to improve their own lives.

Following a successful pilot across five clubs in 2013, sporteducate has now been rolled out to 33 community sports clubs in London providing funding, training and management support to run education and employability activities alongside a sports offering. The educational activities at each club are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of its young participants – aged from 11 to 18 years - and vary from core curriculum supplementary classes and employability skills, to providing new computer equipment and IT classes.

Sporteducate supports a range of youth and sport clubs - from football to boxing, athletics to martial arts; helping participants to stay in school, improve performance and increase their self-esteem. Since the pilot a referral system has been introduced to target those young people most at risk of becoming NEET.


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