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Beyond Sport Awards – UNICEF Safeguarding Children in Sport Award

Beyond Sport Awards – UNICEF Safeguarding Children in Sport Award

The final award to be previewed in our build-up to the Beyond Sport Awards 2016 is sponsored by UNICEF.

The UNICEF Safeguarding Children in Sport Award recognises organisations that have undertaken a specific safeguarding initiative or approach to make sport safer for children, and that have taken steps to make the delivery of their own or others sporting activities with children safer.

The four nominees are:

The Pacific Sports Partnerships programme (PSP) is a range of sports initiatives funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. These programmes are designed to support both Australian national sporting organisations and their Pacific counterparts to deliver development priorities alongside increased governance and capacity building in developing Pacific Island countries. This is achieved through the vehicle of sport. The objectives of the PSP are to increase regular participation in physical activity, to improve health related behaviours and to promote inclusive social attitudes amongst the targeted populations. This is done through targeting the population at the community level, including those who self-identify as having a disability, youth and emerging leaders, and women and girls.

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) is a partnership between the NSPCC, Sport England, Sport Northern Ireland and Sport Wales. The Unit was founded in 2001 to work with UK Sports Councils, National Governing Bodies (NGBs), County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) and other organisations to help them minimise the risk of child abuse during sporting activities. We play the lead role in helping sports organisations to develop and implement their responses, policies and procedures, systems and structures for safeguarding.

Right To Play has programmes in over 20 countries across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Through specially designed games we provide over one million disadvantaged children with a quality education, positive health practices and conflict resolution skills every week. We train local community leaders and teachers to become volunteer Coaches. They then coach children in specially designed games. As the children develop and learn new skills, they pass these on to other community members and often go on to become Coaches themselves. Our programmes are sustainable and ensure long-term development. When children and young people gain new skills, they have the ability to pass these on to future generations, thus ensuring lasting change.

The INF is involved in an initiative to make sport safer for children, and by doing so safeguarding the future of Netball and all those who participate in it. Joining the International Safeguarding Children in Sport Working group INF is collaborating with more than fifty organisations around the globe to pilot a set of standards to safeguard all children participating in sport. Millions of children and young people take part in sporting activities across the world every day.


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