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Beyond Sport Summit: Looking forward to Day 2


Beyond Sport Summit: Looking forward to Day 2

Now that things have wrapped up for day 1, here's a look to tomorrow:

Day 2 will see experts in four skill sets vital to making sport and development projects work -- Leadership, Innovation for Growth, Communications, and Partnerships and Support -- share their knowledge and experience with the Awards Shortlist and other supporters of the sector.

Figures such as Alastair Campbell, former head of communications for Tony Blair, and Rene Carayol, leadership expert and online guru, will lead the day with action points on those skill sets that need to be made.

Find us here, on the Summit Live section of the site, tomorrow, keeping you up to speed on all the latest action points that come out of tomorrow’s presentations discussions.


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Alexandra Chalat


Monday, July 6, 2009 - 23:00

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