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Bhubesi Pride Stories: Stacey Jones

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Bhubesi Pride Stories: Stacey Jones

Bhubesi Pride Foundation (BPF) shares a series of stories from individuals involved with their work in rugby for development in various countries around Africa. In this article British PE teacher and rugby coach, Stacey Jones discusses her journey from the UK to Singapore and Africa and back, what she’s learnt and what’s next.

Inspired by her time with the charity, Stacey is now writing papers for her MAed International Education qualification, with a focus on global citizenship education and bridging the gap between schools and volunteer projects. She is building a programme to assist volunteer projects, such as those run by Bhubesi Pride Foundation, with the aim of preparing volunteers to enter different cultural contexts, learn about a range of social issues and return with the mindset to take meaningful action.

Stacey is a PE Teacher and rugby coach, with experience as the head touch rugby coach at Stamford American International School and a coach at BUCKS ladies rugby club in Singapore. Stacey has represented the Welsh Region ‘Dragons’ and played for Bristol Ladies Rugby, becoming a British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) gold medallist at Twickenham.

Working in communities in Africa opened my mind and by using rugby as a tool for social change and education. It has given rise to a new and genuine passion to apply lessons learnt in my professional life. I have become more confident and clearer in my own values and what actions can be taken to have real social impact within different societies.”

Stacey feels totally immersed in the concept to Unite, Inspire and Empower as well as the charity’s PRIDE values. Insights and experiences gained during her participation are being developed and applied in her new career, working closely with Global Citizen Education and social change projects in South East Asia.

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