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Blazing a trail for girls and women in Timor-Leste

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Blazing a trail for girls and women in Timor-Leste

ChildFund Pass It Back, partners of World Rugby, share the inspiring story of Feb: a passionate rugby coach pushing for gender equality in her community.

Seventeen-year-old Feb is blazing a trail in her small community in Timor-Leste. She is a passionate and confident ChildFund Pass It Back coach who wants to change the future for girls and women in her country.

In Timor-Leste, there is no gender equality,” she says. “We still use this ancient system, where opportunities are given to boys or men.

“There are less opportunities in terms of education and jobs for girls and women. Women have no opportunity to lead; they just know how to cook.

But Feb is stirring the pot. As a ChildFund Pass It Back coach she is a part of a new generation of girls and young women in Timor-Leste who are learning about their rights and taking action.

Breaking barriers

What I would like to change in Timor-Leste is this ancient system; we have to give opportunities for girls and women so they can develop themselves and they can become leaders,” Feb says.

Recently, she applied to become a member of the Youth Parliament. Her motive?

I want to raise the issue of gender equality,” Feb says. “I want equal opportunities for girls and boys in Timor-Leste.

Feb grew up in a disadvantaged community, where her parents worked on the family farm and sold rice and vegetables to raise their five children.


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