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Boxing in the lives of girls in the provincial towns of Ukraine

Copyrights: Artur Vorontsov, Melitopol, Ukraine

Boxing in the lives of girls in the provincial towns of Ukraine

Despite many obstacles, boxing brings lessons of strength, hope and willpower to a local team.

Boxing training for girls in the provincial town of Ukraine requires a lot of psychological stress, because gender stereotypes are still strong in provincial society, especially among people of the older generation. Girls boxing trainings are sometimes condemned even by relatives.

There are also a number of problems that young girl - boxers face in our country. One of them is the bureaucratic procedure for participation in the national championship competitions. The reason for this is the outdated system of organisation in the field of sport, remaining from the time of the Soviet Union, which had not been reformed and outdated itself. Present government doesn't have the time or desire for the new reform. For example, to participle in the Ukrainian championship, the parents or coach of the girl must specially visit several departments of administration and notarise a number of documents, pre - ordering the pass. In our case, we need to drive 120 kilometres one way to the Regional Department of Sports.

Of great importance for practicing boxing are economic factors because it is known that Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe. For this reason, the girls can't often travel to competitions, which are usually organised at the expense of parents and sometimes take up to 50% of the family budget. The councils of provincial towns are not rich and cannot allocate enough money to contests for girls. Money for competitions began to be allocated since 2017 and only for the National Championship. Regional departments of sports do not financially support girl-boxers from the province, unlike boy-boxers. This is one of the examples of gender inequality.

Despite these difficulties, girls-boxers show strong character and willpower. Boxing for girls is much more than only art of self-defence, as is commonly believed in our province. It is for them the opportunity to realise their potential, to find understanding and communication with like-minded people, aesthetic and moral pleasure from the sport. Trips for competitions to other cities of Ukraine contribute to this, because changing the situation and knowing other cultures greatly enriches the worldview and contributes to the accumulation of sports experience. This is proved by the results shown. Over the last two years, the girls won the Ukrainian championship and prizes in 2017 and 2018. Now they are preparing for the 2019 National Championship.               

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Artur Vorontsov, boxing coach, Melitopol, Ukraine


Monday, February 11, 2019 - 10:22