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Breaking down barriers at the Unity Cup 2022

Author: Right to Football
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Breaking down barriers at the Unity Cup 2022

Earlier in October, Right to Football organized the 2022 Unity Cup, hosting teams from different locations in India.

From 7 to 9 October, Right to Football, an India-based organization which works towards the sustainable development of the underprivileged by providing long-term solutions for the homeless to improve their living standards, organized the 2022 Unity Cup.

The Unity Cup is a 7 a-side football tournament, and the 2022 edition saw 16 teams from various locations, including Haryana, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, participate.

The 2022 Unity Cup emphasized bringing football players from different backgrounds and communities together on a common platform, so that youth can better understand the value of unity in diversity.

Etihad Football Academy, the team from Jammu and Kashmir, was led by Sajid Nazir and supported by Zahid Shafi, the U18 coach for Sudeva FC, Delhi. The team mixed with other teams well, and were surprised to learn about the perceptions they had of people from Kashmir. However, breaking all stereotypes, Right to Football provided a stage where the teams could come together and break these stereotypes of cultural and religious differences.

Right to Football will soon be starting a new community sports program, Project Akash, in Kashmir, in partnership with the Etihad Football Academy in Pampore.


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