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Breaking out of the ordinary on the IDSDP

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Breaking out of the ordinary on the IDSDP

ONE TEAM is celebrating the end of a fundraising campaign and participating in the #WhiteCard initiative.


On April 6, we will come together to celebrate the last day of our latest fundraising campaign and to promote the SFD-movement with an amazing #WhiteCard photo! Our doors are open to everyone who wants to support us, willing to get involved or just want to have an amazing IDSDP2018.


Sport has long been recognised as a fundamental right for everyone and as essential to the development of children and young people. However, many are still denied access to sport and play, particularly in developing and threshold countries. April 6 is the perfect occasion to break out of the ordinary and to spread our message and raise awareness for the issue of insufficient access to sport and play for so many worldwide!



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Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 21:50

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