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Brunel goes to Trinidad


Brunel goes to Trinidad

The Caribbean Sport and Development Agency (CSDA) welcomes to Trinidad, Brunel University's Dr. Tess Kay, professor of sport and social sciences and research officer, Sarah Palmer-Felgate.


The purpose of the academics' 11-day visit is to discuss Brunel's partnership with the CSDA on the research topic: “Understanding the contribution of sport for development programmes in the Caribbean to health, education, social inclusion, gender and disability.” 

The research visit has two primary objectives:

  1. To provide primary data on the social impact of the region's sport for development programmes.
  2. To build local capacity in research and monitoring and evaluation skills that allows future local development of the evidence base.


During their visit, Kay and Palmer-Felgate will meet with representatives from communities where CSDA programmes are being conducted. 

The University of Trinidad and Tobago’s programme professor for the Academy of Sport and Leisure, Professor Blair and the Trinidad and Tobago director of sport, Mr. Dave Bobb will meet with the team to discuss safeguarding.  The team will also work with Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health research officer, Mrs. Angelina Garcia on health policies in sport.

Additionally, the research team will travel to St. Vincent along with CSDA’s research coordinator, Aurélie Pankowiak, to meet with the director of sport there, Mr. Hillocks to learn about the research there and conduct some site visits.


Palmer- Felgate will return to Trinidad in early 2014 with the addition of her research colleague, Dr. Megan Chawansky, lecturer at Brighton University (UK) to collect further data on this partnership.

We at the CSDA look forward to working with the researchers from Brunel University and achieving the objectives of our shared research plan.

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Janine Thornhill


Monday, September 16, 2013 - 23:00