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Building a better world through sport


Building a better world through sport

In a powerful video, the International Olympic Committee reminds us of the potential of sport to foster peace and development.

Sport: A tool for peace and development

As illustrated in a video by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), sport as a tool for peace and development can be used to achieve a wide scope of objectives :

  • Sport can build bridges with a universal language
  • Sport can provide hope when all hope is lost
  • Sport can inspire and educate youth
  • Sport can develop body, mind and values
  • Sport can promote peace and understanding
  • Sport has no border, it has no chains

Having a strong belief in the power of sport, the IOC and its partners use it as a tool for social change in all corners of the world: for peace building, girls' and women's empowerment, health promotion and humanitarian assistance, environmental protection and to fight against HIV/AIDS.

Words from actors engaged in sport for development
As highlighted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “Sport is a language which is spoken by everybody without discrimination and it provides a role model for peace and harmony and friendship”. It is also a source of inspiration for the youth and entire population, as well as a social integrator, as stated by Jacques Rogge, IOC president.

As emphasised by Edmond Dagbe, representing the Liberia National Olympic Committee, it is necessary to stress that the IOC runs continuous programmes throughout the years and does not just organise the Olympic Games every four years.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Odera, from the Sadili Oval Sports Centre in Kenya, important values can be taught to young children through sport to prepare tomorrow’s leader. Moreover, sport centres can give a lot of hope for the future, as expressed by Joshua Mazimba from the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Zambia.

Frank Fredericks, an Olympian and IOC member, calls for athletes to give back, as they know what sport means and gave them.

Finally, Napolean Jaeploe from the Liberia Football Association, focuses on the prominent role of sport as a unifying force throughout the world.


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Valentine Cailliau


Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 23:00